Files stored in the cloud

3 Simple Ways To Get Started With Cloud Storage

To some extent, we all use cloud services. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account? Those folks are a rare breed of holdouts. But ask a Gmail user if they use cloud storage and they might tell you that they don’t.

Tech Services That Protect Your Data from the Government

A recent article published on Gizmodo highlights the efforts of technology companies in protecting your data. The article evaluates a bunch of tech companies across six different criteria: Require a warrant for content of communications. Tell users about government data requests Publish transparency reports Publish law enforcement guidelines Fight for users’ privacy rights in courts […]

Mobile Website and App Development

Your Business Needs Mobile Apps?

With the rampant increase in smartphone adoption, everyone knows that every business needs to have a mobile app, right? Well, the truth is that mobile app development isn’t the right choice for most small businesses. It all depends on your customers, your business model, and your budget.

Optimize Your Website for Local Search

Optimize For Local Search

In general, if you run a brick-n-mortar business, you should really be targeting local customers in your website optimization efforts. The people in your surrounding communities and cities are the folks who will have a much higher probability to actually buy your product. To see how well your site is optimized for local visibility, and for some free tips to boost your local visibility score, try our new tool.

Technology planning

Don’t Get Left Behind

Technology is transforming the way that we do business today. Brick and mortar businesses that have enjoyed stable success for decades now face fierce competition from upstarts that may not even have a physical location. The winners in the marketplace today and in the forseeable future, will be those businesses that succesfully transition their business […]