Technology planning

Don’t Get Left Behind

Technology is transforming the way that we do business today. Brick and mortar businesses that have enjoyed stable success for decades now face fierce competition from upstarts that may not even have a physical location. The winners in the marketplace today and in the forseeable future, will be those businesses that succesfully transition their business model to leverage tools like social media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, and others.

Unfortunately, small business owners are being left behind. The savvy owner may try to build a website for their business, setup a Facebook page, establish a Twitter account, and take some other broadly recommended steps to try to keep up, but often the results can be disastrous. I once heard a wise man say, “don’t invest in anything that you don’t understand.” And that’s exactly what we see happening. How can an CPA expect to run their business, keep up with the changes in regulations that affect them and their clients, complete continuing education courses…and keep up with the constantly changing technology landscape. Wise business owners get help.

We have been in the business of delivering client-focused technology solutions for over 15 years.

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