Grow Your Business with Google – Feb. 2015


If you missed the live event yesterday, here’s the video from Google’s presentation. The entire thing (including countdown timer and testimonial slides at the end) can be found on Youtube but, the version above is set to start at the beginning of speaker portion…the meat of the presentation.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 customers who search and find a product/service on a mobile device will actually contact that business.
72% of people that do a voice search for directions to a business will visit that business.

Here are some tips from the session:

  1. Get Smart – learn about the different tools that are available to you as a business owner
  2. Get Involved – build a smart website, drive traffic, target mobile, use video, track and measure performance
  3. Get Started – nothing will change if you don’t take deliberate action

If you’re doing advertising with Google Adwords already (or considering it):

  1. Drive ads specifically to mobile
  2. Track everything (and review the data of course). Track phone calls, clicks, etc. to understand what is  and isn’t working.
  3. Leverage Ad Extensions for up to 30% increase in click through rate (CTR)

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