How to Browse Privately on Safari

Incognito browsing (or private browsing) is a browsing session in which the browsing history, cookies, and other temporary files acquired during the session are deleted after the session is ended. Here are some ways in which you can manage your web history on Safari.

Deleting Your Browser History

safari delete


  1. Click on the Safari menu button (gearbox shown in red) select “History.”
  2. Click “clear browsing history.”

Incognito Browsing

If you don’t want to delete all of your past history yet still delete some of your browsing data, incognito browsing, or private browsing, is a perfect way to accomplish this. It allows you start a browsing session and have all of the files from that session be deleted once the session is over.  NOTE: Any websites that are bookmarked or added to favorites WILL be saved to your computer. All other records of your browsing activity will be erased upon closing all Incognito  windows.

safari-5 incog


  1. Click on the Safari menu button (the gear shown in red), and select “Private Browsing.”
  2. A private browsing window should appear with the word, “Private” in the address bar (see below).

safari-5 incog 2

Now you’re set to begin your incognito browsing session. Remember: All bookmarks and downloads made during an incognito browsing session WILL BE SAVED.


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