Tech Services That Protect Your Data from the Government

A recent article published on Gizmodo highlights the efforts of technology companies in protecting your data. The article evaluates a bunch of tech companies across six different criteria:

  1. Require a warrant for content of communications.
  2. Tell users about government data requests
  3. Publish transparency reports
  4. Publish law enforcement guidelines
  5. Fight for users’ privacy rights in courts
  6. Fight for users’ privacy in Congress

Standout winners include some well-known companies. Twitter, for example, was one of the only two companies which received a star for each category. The other company is the lesser known full-service internet provider named Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn each received five out of six stars for their policies. Trailing the pack of companies are some very notable organizations. Amazon for example only received two stars, and that was due to its public policies and record of fighting for users’ privacy rights in courts and in Congress. Apple, AT&T, and Yahoo each only had one star split across the same two categories. The biggest losers though were MySpace and Verizon which received no stars across the six categories.

For more details, you can checkout the original article on Gizmodo (


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